Sister Session

I dare you to not tear up when one of the girls does a backflip. (Spoiler alert)

(Thanks Jessi for posting this!)

New Article on New Urbanism and Feminism

In something unrelated (or rather, not directly related) to bicycling, a few weeks ago my advisor Dan Trudeau and I published an articled entitled ‘Empowerment by Design? Women’s Use of New Urbanist Neighborhoods in Suburbia’ in the Journal of Planning Education and Research. We also wrote up a blog post about it on Planetizen, which includes a link to a free download of the full article. This article is the culmination of about 3 years of work, and I’m really proud to see it finally published. Check it out if you’re interested in how different schools of urban planning can be empowering, disempowering or somewhere in-between for women living in suburbia.

Weekend Biking Adventures

Everyday I'm shuffling. (Photo by Liza).

Everyday I’m shuffling. (Photo by Liza).

From Friday night to Sunday night I probably spent around 20 hours on (or very near) my bike. I kicked off the weekend with some Friday night polo, spent Saturday morning exploring Middlesex Fells, covered 25 miles of Boston on an epic Saturday night bike ride til 2am (ending at Tasty Burger… obviously), and rounded out the weekend with some Sunday afternoon polo. I explored so many new spots in Boston I had never seen before, and spent a lot of time sitting near my bike near bodies of water. It was an awesome weekend of exploring, and the quintessential summer bike weekend.

Hope you all had an excellent summer biking weekend too.


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