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Yesterday we had a big event for work where my co-workers Derek and David produced this amazing video about our work. I’m really proud to work at Bikes Not Bombs, and of all the work we do locally and internationally. Check this video out to see more about BNB (and an appearance from yours truly).

New Mountain Bike!

I have a new bike in my life. And I think I’m in love.


It’s a 2012 Salsa Mariachi custom build that I found on craigslist. Months and months of refreshing craigslist 20 times a day has finally paid off!

Took it out for an inaugural spin on Monday at the Middlesex Fells, popped out of the office for a lunch time ride in Franklin Park with a co-worker on Tuesday, and tomorrow I’m going to treat myself to some birthday riding out in Lynn.

It’s been about 4 years since I’ve been consistently mountain biking, and this is my first ever 29er. I’m a bit rusty on the trails, but holy shit it feels awesome to be back out there shredding on a mountain bike.

Urban Birds

Documentary on female couriers in London.

Friday Link Love

First, an excellent article on why people should stop demonizing bike messengers for how they ride – ‘Don’t Blame Messengers for How They Ride. Blame Their Bosses.’ The article details the unsafe and under-paid conditions of the courier industry, and how messengers have a reason to ride the way they do.

Who is surprised that the list of ‘The 10 People You Need to Know in the Bike Industry‘ is, as my friend put it, ‘pale, male and stale’? Is this list a real representation that there are few women in positions of power within the bike industry (hard for me to believe there isn’t even one…) or that those women are just not featured? Either way – the bike industry has some work to do…

EVERYTHING about this Guardian article is awesome.

To build sustainable transportation networks that work for everyone, policymakers will need to go beyond what they see on the street itself. They’ll have to look into the Dutch home where a husband is changing a diaper on paternity leave; into the Dutch workplace where a mom on a flexible schedule can leave before the sun goes down; and into Dutch schools where children receive universal education about how to ride a bike to school, freeing up their parents to ride to work.

I completely agree that in order to really tackle why there are less women riding bikes as men, you have to tackle issues of how domestic labor is distributed in the household.

Bikey Face has a new cartoon out – Bike Creep.

Lastly, this video isn’t about women or biking, but I think it’s an issue extremely relevant to feminism and anti-racism solidarity. This video was put together by the Boston ACLU in conjunction with their release of the ‘Black, Brown and Targeted‘ report on racially biased policing, specifically stop and frisk – by the Boston Policy Department.


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