Bikey Face Boston: Traffic Talk

Since moving to Boston I’ve been regularly checking out Bikey Face at a friends suggestion. I’d seen it before moving here, and I think any cyclist can relate to her illustrations, but I do find it has new meaning for me when her illustrations are telling the story of biking in the same city I ride in. Recently she posted an illustration series called Traffic Talk: ‘the only worse thing than spending hours of your life stuck in car traffic, is spending even more hours of your life talking about it.’

Artword by BikeyFace

Artword by BikeyFace

Admittedly, I am pretty insulated from this kind of talk most of the time; I work at a bike non-profit, tend to hang out with bike folks, and spend most of my recreational time playing bike polo. I’m lucky to not have to bang my head against a wall listening to this kind of stuff everyday at the office. (At our office, talk goes on forever about plowing/salting on the SW Corridor, who had a driver yell at them that morning/endanger their life, and whether or not you need studded tires for the weather the next day. Fun stuff.) But because I am pretty insulated from this kind of talk, when I do hear people going on and on and on and on about driving and traffic it strikes me as particularly insane. That’s why I LOVE the last illustration of the series.

Artwork by BikeyFace

Artwork by BikeyFace


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