Some Bike Facts

Interesting facts I learned today:

  • Nationally the average family with an income less than $50,000 spends 30% on transportation
  • Residents earning less than $30,000 per year account for 28% of bike trips in 2009- more than 1.1 billion bike trips overall
  • Bicycling and walking make up 12% of all trips, but over 16% of all fatalities
  • The fatality rate for Hispanic bicyclists is 23% higher than for white bicyclists and 30% higher for African American bicyclists than for white bicyclists.


4 thoughts on “Some Bike Facts

  1. Jamie Burton says:

    Were there any particular reasons given for why the Hispanic and African American cyclists had greater fatality rates?

    • Charlotte Fagan says:

      There was no reason stated in the article, but it came from an article in support of the “New Opportunities for Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure Financing Act of 2014.” The bill would set aside $11 million for bike/ped infrastructure, and 25% of funding must be spent in low-income neighborhoods.

      I would venture to guess that the reason why people of color experience higher fatality rates is because cities often invest less in safe pedestrian and cycling infrastructure in low-income neighborhoods (where people of color are more likely to live), which increases the vulnerability of cyclists and pedestrians in those neighborhoods.

      thanks for asking!

  2. Jamie Burton says:

    Thanks for posting the information! I’ve only recently started to follow your blog but I’m already enjoying it greatly!

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